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Classic Computing

Those who participate in the hobby of classic computing frequently need to consult documentation that might be hard to find. Fortunately there are people out there who archive this information to assist others. This is a list of some of my favorite archives of documentation. While there is quite a bit of overlap, some archives have some critical files that others do not.

Bitsavers is run by Al Kossow. It contains scans of various documentation focusing on big iron, minicomputers, and early microcomputers. Bitsavers also contains an archive of disk images to help people get stuff up and running on their old machines.

Daves Old Computers
Dave's Old Computers is run by Dave Dunfield. It's similar to Bitsavers but has a scope more closely focused on early microcomputers.

Chicago Classic Computing
The Chicago Classic Computing group hosts old docs on BBSs, telephony, radio, and old computers.

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