robotfindskitten (Inform edition)

A Zen Simulation
Release 7 / Serial number 040523 / Inform v6.30


  [-]         |\_/|
  (+)=C       |o o|__        Leonard Richardson (C) 1997, 2000
  | |         --*--__\       David Griffith (C) 2002  (Inform Edition)
  OOO         C_C(____)          800 different nonkittens!

  F) Find Kitten
  D) Difficulty  (20)
  I) Instructions
  T) Thoughts
  A) About
  Q) Quit

> _

kitten.z5 robotfindkitten Release 7 / Serial number 040523 / Inform v6.30
A reimplementation of Leonard Richardson's game of the same name which was written in C. More info at

Play robotfindskitten online
This doesn't work very well due to the abuses to which I put the Z-machine.

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