Uninvited (Inform edition)

An unauthorized adaptation by David Griffith.
(Type "about" for more information.)
Release 2 / Serial number 121216 / Inform v6.32 Library 6/12

Your Car
You sit at the wheel of your car, the front of which is now wrapped around a
large tree. You can hear the dripping of fluids as they escape beneath your
vehicle. This auto is not going anywhere without a tow truck. Through the
windshield you see the exterior of a mansion.

The driver's side door looks bashed in.

You can also see a glovebox (which is closed) here.


Uninvited Release 2 / Serial number 121216
An unauthorized reimplementation of Uninvited as it appears on the Apple Macintosh as presented by ICOM in 1986. The first file is a plain Z-machine executable. The second is a Blorb file containing the executable AND sound effects.

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