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Interactive Fiction

It's like playing a novel.

For a long time Frotz has been a definitive engine for playing interactive fiction. It implements the Z-machine, which was invented by Infocom. With Frotz you can play the old Infocom games. Stefan Jokisch created Frotz for DOS in 1995. It was subsequently ported to many different platforms. In 2002, Stefan changed Frotz's distribution license to GPL and handed custody over to me. The Unix port became the reference version. I have since then maintained and improved Frotz. It is composed of two distinct parts: the core and the interface. This allowed many other programmers to port Frotz to many more computers. You can get Frotz for the iPhone now.

I prefer writing interactive fiction using Inform6. This version of Inform seems to be taking the backseat to Inform7 lately. I didn't want Inform6 to languish and fade away, so I picked up custody of the Inform6 library in 2012.

Inform6 (Unix package)
As I got going with updating the Inform6 library, Glenn Hutchings offered me custody of the Inform6 Unix package. This contains everything you need to write programs in Inform6 along with tutorials and documentation. This is not the reference version of Inform6, it's just the packaging and stuff to make it quick and easy to install on Unix machines.

Here are works that I feel are good enough for public display.

An unauthorized adaptation.
Release 1 / Serial Number 121026 / Inform v6.32

An unauthorized adaptation.
Release 8 / Serial Number 040716 / Inform v6.21

Robot Finds Kitten
A Zen Simulation
Release 6 / Serial Number 031116 / Inform v6.21

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