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Classic Computing
I think it's a blast to play with old computers. Here's a list of some of my favorite resources.

Interactive Fiction
Interactive fiction (aka text adventures) have been a favorite of mine for a long time. It was the middle to the end of the heyday of Infocom when I first got into computers. I made several abortive attempts to create my own before I discovered that people created languages specifically for interactive fiction. Detailed here are my doings in this realm.

I've long had an interest in how telephone systems work. Though I missed the keyday of phone-phreaking, I have maintained an interest in that practice. This project page details my experiments and tinkering with blueboxes.

P112 Single Board Computer
Have you ever wanted to build your own computer? No, I'm not talking about plugging parts together. I'm talking about getting a board and a bag of parts which you solder together. The P112 is a single-board computer that uses the Z180 (Z80-compatible) microprocessor that will run CP/M or a similar operating system.

Arcade Games
I've always been a fan of arcade video games from their beginnnings to around the early 2000s. Here I document my tinkerings in that arena.

gEDA Symbols
Here are some schematic and PCB symbols for use with the Open Source electronic design suite: gEDA

Minimoog Clone
I'm trying to replicate a Minimoog Model D.

Link to my Gitlab repositories.

Link to my Github repositories.

Useful scripts I've written that you might like to try.

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